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RinseKit PRO + Immersion Heater Bundle

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Combining the 3.5 gallon battery pressurized PRO and the electric Immersion Heater creates the most sophisticated portable hot shower on the market. Simply plug the Immersion Heater into your vehicles trailer hitch and screw it into the PRO, and you can have a hot shower anywhere after a short wait. No propane, no external water source required - this combination truly is a game changer.

3.5 Gallon PRO Features

• Battery Powered Pressurization- Pressurized water at the push of a button! No hose adapters or hand pumps required (AGM 12v 5Ah battery)
3.5 Gallon Capacity- For longer showers and spray times (up to 7:30 continuously on Center)
Superior Pressurization- Continuous spray at 50 PSI
Easily Fillable- Top-fill cap allows for filling from literally any water source
5 Setting Spray Nozzle- Settings include jet, mist, center, flat, and shower
On-the-Go Power- 12-volt battery plug allows for charging of external devices anywhere
Holds a wide range of water temperatures- 33°F - 110°F

PRO Immersion heater Features

Heating on the Go- Heats the water in RinseKit PRO up to 110°F by connecting to the trailer hitch power cord
LED Top Display Panel- Color coded indicator lights reflect the heater's system and warning signs
Stainless Steel Rod- Corrosion resistant probe screws into the drain port of the RinseKit and does not need to be removed
Safety Shut Off- The heater will automatically turn off when water reaches 110°F
8 Foot Long Cord- Makes it easy to store almost anywhere while connected to power source

pro measurements & specs

Capacity: 3.5 gallons
Dimensions: 17"L x 11.5"W x 14"H
Weight: 13 lbs empty | 42 lbs full
External bucket materials: 100% recyclable, UV protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) plastic
Internal battery type: AGM 12v 5Ah battery

important information

• The trailer hitch plug heats approximately 24°F every hour
• Do not connect the heater's 12v plug to the RinseKit PRO's 12v socket. The battery in the PRO is not large enough to sustain power to the heater
• The heater will heat as long as it is connected to a power source. Unplug the 12v or trailer hitch power cord from your vehicle when your engine is off. Your battery will drain if the plug stays connected
• Avoid closing your truck's tailgate on the power cord or submerging the power cords in water
• Never leave the heater unattended while connected to power

how it works

  • Insert the heater into the opening of the pro and begin tightening down the threaded sleeve.

    Insert the heater into the opening of the pro and begin tightening down the threaded sleeve.

  • connect the trailer hitch plug to your vehicle, once water has reached 110°F the system light will turn green. now you're ready to enjoy hot water!

    connect the trailer hitch plug to your vehicle, once water has reached 110°F the system light will turn green. now you're ready to enjoy hot water!

setting up the immersion heater w/ founder chris crawford

frequently asked questions


Our PRO is powered by an AGM 12v 5Ah battery. It should arrive fully charged and will likely last 3-6 months before needing to be recharged. Normal battery range for our models  is 13v to 11v indicated by the voltmeter. 10.8v or lower means you need to charge the battery and voltage below 10.5 v can cause damage to the battery.
• Each unit comes with two charging cables: one for the walland one for the car. The wall charger will light up RED when charging and flashRED and GREEN when fully charged
• The car charger will light up RED when charging and willcontinue to light up RED as long as it is connected to your car.
• The units will still charge, even if in use. Periodically charge the battery to keep voltage above 10.8v
• The car charger will only charge to 12v
• When charging, make sure that the two charging tabs alignwith the "lock point" arrows on the charging port


The PRO sprays at continuous rate of 50 PSI and comes with a 5 spray setting nozzle, see below for spray times per setting:

Shower = 7:00 minutes
Center = 7:30 minutes
Mist = 30:00+ minutes
Jet = 6:00 minutes
Flat = 6:00 minutes

*All spray times are approximate and may vary. 

How long will it take to heat up the water in the PRO?

For best results we recommend using the trailer hitch plug. The 12v plug will gradually heat the water in the PRO by about 13°F every hour. The trailer hitch plug will heat by about 24°F an hour.
Note: Depending on the temperature of the water inside of your PRO and the temperature of your surroundings, the degrees stated may vary.


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