RinseKit is synonymous with quality. Every part is designed, selected with care and rigorously tested. After it's built, we take it to the road to make sure it can handle real-word abuse- and it does! Our current return rate is less than 3%.

This warranty extends to the original buyer only. Products purchased from third party retailers, such as (but not limited to) Amazon and Ebay, are not covered by the warranty because we cannot monitor the condition unauthorized sellers offer our products in. Amazon purchases from the RinseKit US seller only are covered by the warranty since that account is owned and operated by us directly.

If your RinseKit was a gift, a proof of purchase is still required to validate a warranty claim. If the gifter is not willing to disclose this information to you, they are welcome to complete the warranty form on your behalf. Exchanges and replacements are only available for items of equal or lesser value.

To learn more about each product's warranty, click on the tabs below.

3.5 Gallon PRO

1 Year Limited Warranty
• Replacement if malfunction occurs

Does Not Cover:
• Breaks, cracks, or leaks caused by accidents or misuse.
• Replacement of spare parts if lost or misplaced. (Spray nozzle, Quick Connect, On/Off Valve, etc.)
NOTE: Any dismantling of the unit will void your warranty.

Auto Nozzle & Mounts

1 Year Limited Warranty
• Malfunction of unit
Does Not Cover:
• Broken mounts/clamps
• Replacement of lost mounts/clamps

PRO Immersion Heater

1 Year Limited Warranty
• Malfunction of unit (Red "overheating" light has turned on more than once)

Does Not Cover:
• Crushed cord (caused from closing tailgate or car door on cord)
• Corrosion

If you are experiencing product failure that is covered by our warranty, please click the button below.

You will be re-directed to RinseKit.com, from there please fill out our warranty form.

Warranty form

Warranty Exclusions

Our warranties do not apply to the following:

 Shipping cost of replacement/replacement parts.
• Wear and tear such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation.
• Damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accidents, alterations, or improper installation.
• Damage arising from either road hazards or driving off road.
• Damage arising from liquids other than water.
• Damage arising from extremely cold/freezing or high temperatures.
• Any dismantling of the PRO will void your warranty.