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2 Gallon RinseKit Plus Portable Shower + Pressure Booster Pump

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The 2 gallon Plus is our classic model made to be pressurized by a hose spigot or sink. It's medium-sized capacity and heating options make it great for washing hands or gear. It’s a cost-effective RinseKit that still has enough capacity to provide up to 4:15 minutes of spray time.

product details

• Self-Pressurized - Patented pressurization system transfers water pressure from your hose bib or sink to the unit

• 2 Gallon Capacity - Shower and spray times up to approximately 4:15 minutes continuously

• 5 Setting Spray Nozzle - Settings include jet, mist, center, flat, and shower + a 6-foot-long hose

• Insulated Tank - Keeps water warmer, or colder for longer

• Durable – Weight bearing and removable lid allows you to sit or stand while you wash

• Ergonomic & Spacious - Sturdy handle and internal storage space for soap, sunscreen, towel etc.

How it Works

Pressure Dependent- Our Plus model does not contain a battery and instead relies on pressure created inside of the tank to spray. There are three ways to fill and pressurized your Plus:

1. With a spigot or hose bib by transferring the pressure from your home to the unit’s tank.

2. With our Hot Water Sink Adapter accessory that connects to your sink’s faucet.

3. With our Pressure Booster Pump that manually pumps pressure into the tank after it has been filled with still water.

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Measurements & Specs

Capacity: 2 gallons

Dimensions: 14"L x 11.5"W x 17"H

Weight: 10 lbs empty | 26 lbs full

Materials: 100% recycleable 100% recycleable High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) plastic, BPA free

Advantages of the Plus

  • Internal Storage

    Internal Storage

    Ample top storage with enough space to hold soap, a towel or even tools.

  • Dual Accessory Ports

    Dual Accessory Ports

    Equipped with two accessory ports allowing the Pressure Booster Pump and Hot Rod Water Heater to be used simultaneously.

  • Medium-Sized Capacity

    Medium-Sized Capacity

    Just enough water to get through your workday without a refill.

Customer Reviews

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Product Applications

Customer Testamonials

  • "We do a lot of healthcare facilities service and maintenance, and our people travel between facilities. We are using them daily to wash hands, tools, and equipment between these service locations."

    KingdomFire Protection LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Plus pressurize?

The RinseKit's patented design transfers the water pressure from your home to the pressure chamber tank when you fill it from a hose bib or sink (with Hot Water Sink Adapter accessory).

*If you are filling remotely and have to pour water into the RinseKit versus connecting it to a water source, you can use the Pressure Booster Pump that comes with your Plus to add in pressure by hand.

How long will the Plus spray for?

The RinseKit Plus + Pump offers 5 nozzle settings with the following spray times:

Center: approximately 4:15 minutes 

Shower: approximately 1:30 minutes 

Jet: approximately 2:30 minutes 

Mist: approximately 10:00 minutes 

Spray times may vary depending on the pressure of the unit. For best use, make sure your water pressure is 65 PSI

What is the difference between the Plus and the Pod?

The Plus holds 2 gallons of water while the Pod holds 1.5 gallons of water. The Pressure Booster Pump is included and installed in each Plus unit. Moreover, the Plus allows you to use both the Hot Rod Water Heater (heater sold separately) and pump accessories at the same time, while the Pod only allows you to use one accessory at a time.

The Plus comes with a durable outer case that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a person or piece of gear as it's being cleaned. It also has internal storage space for personal items, a removeable lid for standing while you shower, and tie downs so you can keep it secure in your car. The Pod has a more compact shape which makes it easier to fit into small spaces or vehicles.  

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