5 Ways to Use RinseKit at the Job Site

5 Ways to Use RinseKit at the Job Site

If you work outside, you know that sometimes, things can get dirty on the job. By ‘things’, of course, we mean a multitude of things, including yourself, your equipment, your truck, your boots and more. If you work in construction, pest control, general contracting, etc. you know what we’re talking about.

Sometimes, you need to clean the dirt and grime off on-the-go, and sometimes, you may not have a source of water to do that with. That’s where portable water comes in handy, and in particular, pressurized portable water - because just dumping a bucket of water on your dirty truck isn’t going to get the layers of grime off. You need pressure - spraying, hard pressure to get the dirt that’s really stuck on there off. That’s where RinseKit comes in.

At RinseKit, we see that our customers use our pressurized portable showers for a wide variety of applications, and one we see all the time is for use on the job site. Our product is not just for leisure - in fact, we find that more and more, people are using RinseKits for everyday use on the job. We’ve seen folks in a wide variety of industries using RinseKit to clean up, cool down, and spray off on the job - and we want to share some of those ways with you. 

So, to show you how you may be able to use RinseKit on the job, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 ways people are using RinseKit on the job site. 


1. Hand Washing

Hand washing on the job has become particularly important, especially in the last year and a half due to COVID-19. Last year, as COVID spread and hand washing became increasingly important, we saw a huge spike in the number of people buying RinseKit for washing their hands while at work. Of course, these were people working outside and on the road, so keeping their hands clean was not only important, but hard to do without a portable water source.

What we saw was that many truck drivers were using RinseKits to wash their hands before and after loading, delivery drivers were washing before and after deliveries, and anyone having to go in and out of COVID sensitive areas all day were keeping them in their trucks and cars so they could keep their hands washed on-the-go. Instead of having to constantly apply hand sanitizer all day, they were washing their hands with pressurized water out of their RinseKit, straight from the back of their vehicle. It was really cool for us as a company to see this creative application, and it inspired us to create even more hand washing friendly products like the touchless Auto-Nozzle, the portable faucet that allows for motion activated hand washing on the go.

Besides COVID hand washing, the RinseKit is perfect for washing off any other grime and goo that you may pick up on the job site. The pressurization is enough to get crusty mud or oily substances off, and unlike a normal sink, there are different settings based on what level of pressurization you’re looking for.

2. Cooling Off

We all know that working in the heat can be brutal - and sometimes, even dangerous. While working in the heat it’s easy to let your body temperature escalate to levels that are hazardous to your health, and as a result you can potentially suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration, or even heat stroke. Heat stroke can damage your organs, your heart, and your brain, so you really don’t want to get to that point. That’s why regulating your body temperature while working in the heat is so important.

If you’re out working in the heat - whether on a construction site, on a roof, or even in your truck, you may not have a good way to regulate your body temperature. There are of course measures you can take to stay cool, like wearing loose-fitting clothing, keeping shaded, etc. but really, none of that can keep you from overheating.

One way to keep cool, even out in the sun, is to spray or mist yourself with some cold water. This is a surefire way to keep your body temperature at a normal level, even if it’s really humid. Luckily, RinseKit is perfect for this kind of application.

You can pour cold water in the RinseKit at the beginning of the day and have cool, spraying water all day. One of the five settings on the RinseKit hose nozzle is the mist function, which is perfect for a cool spritz on the face or body. There are, of course, other spraying functions for more water, but if you’re trying to keep cool without wasting water the mist function is perfect. The easy portability of the RinseKit means you can take it with you anywhere - out in the field, on a roof, or anywhere you need to cool off.

3. Cleaning Equipment

If you work with tools, you know how frustrating it can be when they get dirty on the job and there’s no way to clean them off. It can literally render them unusable if enough dirt and grime gets caught up in them, so keeping them clean is extremely important. If you’re out in the field and you have no water source to clean your equipment, this can be a big hindrance to your productivity and can even make it impossible to do your job.

If this situation sounds like a nightmare to you, a RinseKit is your answer. When you need pressurized water to clean your tools or equipment in the field, there’s no better choice than a RinseKit Pod or PRO. Both models are easily portable and provide pressurized water spraying anywhere. With 5 spray settings including a high pressure jet setting, you can clear sand, dirt, or mud out of any small corner or crevasse of any tool. Whether you’re clearing grit out to make a tool functional again or simply washing it off after a job, the RinseKit is perfect for equipment and tool cleaning on the go.

4. Emergency Eye Washing Station

You never know when disaster will strike on the job. If you work with hazardous chemicals, or around spraying or shaving tools, you know about these dangers. If you’re not wearing goggles, or if your glasses are not fully covering your eyes, you could easily get chemicals, shavings or spray in your eyes. For these cases, you really need emergency eye washing equipment handy in case things go south.

Unfortunately, eye washing stations or sinks are not common at every workplace, and definitely aren’t out in the field. It’s also one of those things where you may not know you need it until you REALLY need it. So if there’s any chance that you may need an eye washing station at your job site, it’s probably a good idea to have one.

We’ve seen that a lot of people who are buying RinseKits for the job site are using them as a combination hand washing / emergency eye washing station as it works great for both. If you prop the nozzle up so it’s tilted up and put it on the shower setting, it works perfectly spraying out your eyes, and has enough pressure to get both chemicals and materials out of it. So if there’s even the potential of damaging your eyes on your job site and you need a portable emergency eye washing solution, you should check out the RinseKit PRO.

5. Washing Your Vehicle

Every company wants to look good in front of their customers. Looking good encompasses all aspects of your company - including your vehicles. If you’re driving your truck through the dirt and mud all day, and then you have to show up in front of your customer, you’ll want to have a way to spray down before the meetup. That’s where the RinseKit comes in. You can bring it with you to the job site so you can have pressurized water to spray your truck down anywhere. The jet setting on the spray nozzle is strong enough to knock off any amount of dirt or grime, and if you need a light spray the other settings work wonders as well. It’s a great way to ensure that you keep your work truck or vehicle clean wherever you go, so you can always look sharp for your customers.

So you can see that there are some really useful applications for RinseKit on the job site. From hand washing to truck washing, we’ve seen workers from many different backgrounds taking advantage of the versatility of RinseKit to aid them in cleaning, washing, and staying safe. So if you work in a hot or dirty environment, we urge you to check out our line of products to see what RinseKit is for you. We can guarantee that you will find something that you can use, no matter what the job.